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I have always loved writing stories and poems, and I hoped to be an author for children and adults someday. It is exciting to finally make that a reality. My first book encompasses one of my passions concerning self-worth, especially related to dark-skinned girls. As a young girl growing up in a predominantly black community, people commonly referred to me as a beautiful dark-skinned girl or pretty to be so dark.  It was not unusual to be compared to the color of tar or specifically tar baby. As a result, I learned early the awe of being dark-skinned in a culture that uses skin tone as a way quantify beauty. My first book is titled Beautiful Nappy-Headed Tar because it incorporates some of my personal experiences wrapped up in African American cultural issues about our skin and hair from the perspective of a young, confident girl. I hope every reader of this book will smile as it dawns on them, perhaps for the first time, that the beauty and uniqueness of an individual’s skin tone and hair type are not beautiful because, but just beautiful!

Beautiful is More Than Skin & Hair!

child, girl, kid

“Making sure readers of color, especially children, have the opportunity to read books that are about them while providing content that all children can learn from is my passion.”  

~ Renée Ecckles-Hardy 

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