Before the Butterfly Soars…

“We all know the cliche about the butterfly… the unsuspecting caterpillar rabidly consumes everything in sight… until one day it feels like it’s going to explode from the internal pressure… it retreats and cocoons into a CHRYSALIS. . . but DID YOU KNOW. . . inside the chrysalis, the caterpillar doesn’t rearrange its parts into a butterfly. . . it DISINTEGRATES!!! And the butterfly cells emerge from the ooze. . . to form something NEW.” ~unknown

Although I do not know who wrote this description, it is such an accurate explanation of what happens before the butterfly can break free into its newness. Brown Butterfly Books is my way of creating stories that feature brown and black kids breaking forth onto the pages of books that otherwise wouldn’t include them. In fact, everyone needs to break free from something that has them bound. What is your cocoon/chrysalis?

child, kid, girl

“Course hair and tar skin and everything in between…”

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