Finally Launch Time!


It’s been an incredibly amazing journey to get to this point! I finally published my first two children’s books, Beautiful Nappy-Headed Tar and Get to Know Me from A to Z: Black Boy’s are More Than the Skin You See! Yep. That’s right. I published two books at the same time. It wasn’t supposed to be that way. I intended Beautiful Nappy to launch Dec 1, 2020. However, many challenges and “life happens” events of my illustrator put things on slo mo and stop and go. So, I decided to move on with my second book. Just so happens, a different illustrator with a digital expertise was able to finish much quicker; of course I didn’t make it easy with my million and one edits. In the end, two books!!! Two amazing books that both celebrate For All the Beautiful People and encourages self-love, self-confidence and expressing the beauty of brown and black!

Be sure to check them out and leave a review! Reviews are EVERYTHING!

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“Course hair and tar skin and in between…”

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