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Renée Ecckles-Hardy began her journey as a published author in 2020 with the publication of I Am Beautifully Brown and I AM Boldy Brown, positive affirmation journals for brown girls and boys.  Four additional journals are a part of her launch collection. An avid writer, Renée released her first children’s picture books in 2021: Beautiful Nappy Headed-Tar , Get to Know Me From A to Z: Black Boys are More Than the Skin You See, and We are the Same in a Different Way! A Book About Us.  All three works encompass themes of self-worth, confidence, and inclusion particularly geared towards children of color.

Renée uses her poetic style to connect with audiences of all ages. With a background as a school psychologist, Transformation life-coach, and parent, Renée’s writing approach offers a unique, well-rounded perspective to her endeavors. She presents each work as an opportunity to start intergenerational and small group conversations.

Married for 31 years, Renée is an empty nester residing with her husband, Kevin, in West Virginia. Her two adult children, Caleb and Joshua, serve as the inspiration behind some of her works. Renée is a grandmother of two girls who can be found enjoying walks and empowering others when she’s not in the company of family or reading a great book.

“Making sure readers of color, especially children, have the opportunity

to read books that are about them while providing content  

   that all children can learn from is my passion.”

 ~ Renée Ecckles-Hardy

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Renée Ecckles-Hardy is a self-published author who focuses on books that promote diversity, inclusion, and equity. Renée currently has three children’s books with accompanying coloring books that all promote these themes. In addition, she has published six journals: 4 inspirational journals for adults and 2 positive affirmation journals geared toward brown and black boys and girls. Renée recently launched her publishing company, Brown Butterfly Publishing, to include helping aspiring authors of diverse books become published authors as Brown Butterfly Creatives. Renée is intentional about encompassing themes of self-worth and confidence in her writing and looks forward to helping others do the same. 

“Making sure readers of color, especially children, have the opportunity to read books that are about them while providing content that all children can learn from is my passion.”          

~ Renée Ecckles-Hardy

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