Beautiful Nappy-Headed Tar

“Beautiful Nappy-Headed Tar compassionately addresses biases about skin tone and hair texture. This is a story that celebrates the beauty of melanin in its varying, deepest and richest shades.”
E. Danielle Butler, Atlanta

Beautiful Nappy-Headed Tar

Can you imagine an entire race of people with skin as varied and radiant as the rainbow itself? Skin where the sun has kissed each shade differently, from very light to deeply dark. Beautiful Nappy-Headed Tar is a poetic exploration of brown skin tones from albino to tar with dips of mocha and vitiligo sprinkled in for added beauty. A confident girl with radiant dark skin and tightly coiled, daringly nappy hair is our guide to discovering the beauty of natural hair textures and a rainbow of brown skin tones. Images of positivity, appreciation, and acceptance boldly defy the cultural biases that have developed regarding African-American beauty standards. Beautiful Nappy-Headed Tar is a conversation starter and smile igniter celebrating the beauty and uniqueness of hair and skin. This book is For All the Beautiful People!

Praise For Beautiful Nappy-Headed Tar

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Meet the Author

Renée Ecckles-Hardy

Renée Ecckles-Hardy has a love for reading, writing, worship, and empowering others to be their best self. Her experiences influence her writing and she always endeavors to be a positive change agent, no matter how difficult the content or topic. Beautiful Nappy-Headed Tar is her first published book set to launch on December 2020. She considers this to be the beginning of published accomplishments. 

An encourager at heart, Renée is often praised for her positive outlook and a bright smile. She is passionate about helping others recognize their self-worth and the value of the spoken word. Through written and verbal platforms she seeks to inspire others by what she calls The 3 E’s: Encourage-Empower-Engage.